Since I have been focused on the skinny Thai girls I figured why not show a thicker one. Using the monger pic of the day to illustrate that Thais come in all shapes and sizes.

Thick Girls

People who have never been to Thailand have this assumption that all Thais are skinny little things. Granted they aren’t as big body wise as a Latina but they do come in all shapes and sizes.

Sitting where I do I see all the girls heading towards Walking St. and they come in all shapes and sizes. The bigger girls are popular with the Middle Eastern and Indian punters. Some of you brothers out there like them too.

If you like a fat ass and a little cushion for the pushing Thailand does have it for you. Just get out for a walk and you will find what you want within minutes.

Fat Girls Aim To Please

One of the things I know for a fact is that fat girls aim to please. They aren’t the type to get the superstar barfines so when you do get one they tend to do the freaky shit or GFE that guys like.

Example being last night I had someone tell me from another bar that one of the girls was horny and needed a fuck. Person said come see me and I would fuck the living shit out of her for free. Why? She hadn’t been barfined and was just looking to get laid.

The stunners are great and you do luck out more than not with getting an amazing experience, but fat girls are generally a sure bet.

Monger Pic of the Day

Without further ado please enjoy the monger pic of the day. She’s what you call a thick Thai girl, or hell even a pudgy one. So don’t think all Thai girls are skinny, tiny little things.


chubby Thai girl