Returning with another monger pic of the day. I seem to be stuck on skinny Thai women at the moment. Had a guy show me a pic of some girl he thought died in his bed. She looked just like the picture today.


One of the interesting thing about spinners is that they can be boney as fuck, like you can see all their bones. It’s the trade off of a super skinny girl.

The one thing I have discovered is that these girls tend to be tight, even after they had a kid. Don’t ask me why, I’m not a doctor but I have shoved my weenie into enough of these women to know that when you get a tiny little spinner that is just bones you generally get a tight pussy out of the experience.

Sharp Edges

When you do a super skinny girl you do get the sharp edges on them. It goes back to the boney comment. You can feel every damn bone in their body and if you go for some more unusual position you can get a damn hip bone or something jabbing you.

Seeing how I am super lazy in bed when I am paying for it I generally don’t run into these issues. I make the girl just get on top and ride away. Occasionally I’ll go for some hybrid missionary but that’s about it. So the sharp bones never really bother me much.

Monger Pic of the Day

Having rambled enough I leave you with the monger pic of the day. Seriously, for you guys that like spinners and haven’t ventured to the East yet I do recommend a trip this way. You will not be disappointed.