I write this from what I hope isn’t a gimped Macbook. I managed to spill a bottle of water across the keyboard this morning when I opened it and the bottle slipped. Irrelevant to the monger pic of the day but I thought I share.


I learned the term spinner when I was in Costa Rica what feels like a lifetime ago. I’m sorry, to me most Latina’s aren’t spinners. Not saying they are fat, just saying their body types are different than Asians. What I can’t figure out is why guys won’t venture from Latin America to over here.

If you are a spinner aficionado there is no better place than Thailand. Don’t get me wrong, there are all shapes and sizes here. The Middle Eastern guys love the chubby chicks, I got a few in my bar and they do well with those guys.

Still, when you go into the higher end gogos the place is absolutely packed with tiny little Thai girls. They look great and are sexy as fuck when they dance to whatever music they hear in their head since there is no beat that matches anything I hear in the music.

Skin and Bone

The one complaint I have heard about spinners is that they are all skin and bone. To a certain extent that is true. You take the good with the bad. To me a slim little tiny dancer riding up and down my cock is just sexy as hell. Sure you might not get the cushion for the pushing but it’s still sexy to me.

Each guy has their own tastes, I moved here because let’s be honest, I like small, petite brown skinned women. I can’t say I have been disappointed in my country of choice. I mean, last week in Ban Chang there was some 18 year old spinner that I would have cut my left nut off for. Sad thing was I just blew a load and there was no way I could get it up that fast.

Damn getting old!

Monger Pic of the Day

So with that said, let’s get the monger pic out of the way. This is a Thai spinner. Give it to me any day of the week and I’m a happy man.


Tiny Petite Thai Girl Nude