I’ll be honest and say I feel a little out of it. I have had my guest over but last night she went out with her friends and got smashed. I would have joined her but I have had an allergic reaction to something so I have enough drugs in my system making me sleepy as hell. So bear with me on this monger pic of the day.

Itching All Over

I will freely admit that I broke out in hives after my surprise guest showed up for my birthday. Maybe I’m allergic to relationships?

The cool thing about Thailand is you can get pretty much anything from a pharmacy or walk into a clinic. I bared with this itching shit for 3 days and was abusing the hell out of antihistamines and cortisone cream to get it under control. Neither were working.

So last night I walked into the local clinic and said my entire body itches from head-to-toe please do something. So the attractive doctor jammed a needle in my ass and then promptly gave me a bunch of pills and some medical oil. For around $28 later I was out the door.

The Visitor

With that said I met my visitor at her old bar and had a beer and I noticed almost immediately I was starting to get groggy as hell. I would have loved to go gogo hopping with her but I was starting to feel out of it almost immediately.

I have no idea what that doctor injected in me but as I got tired I stopped itching. Now I just wanted to go to my room and chill the hell out and possibly happily pass the hell out. My guest understood this and she was like I am staying since it’s my holiday. I have no control over her so I was like have at it. Thats when I got hit up for some cash. I knew she was running low since she did this little trip on the downlow so I handed over some Baht.

The shit part about all that was I was getting regular drunken updates. I’m like that’s nice. Really, I am barely thinking so please stop. The usual sorry and about an hour later I got another one. You might think mute your phone. She said she might be coming over after partying. I was like fine, I’ll keep the phone one.

Finally, I got woken up as I fell asleep watching TV that she was crashing at her friends place. Fine. Night.

Gotta love drunken hourly updates.

Monger Pic of the Day

Does my guest have tits like this? Nah, but I do love hers. Perfect in my opinion. She would kill me if I took a picture of them. So that left me with the option of this lovely for the monger pic of the day. Gotta love Thai bargirls and their willingness to pose when you toss some Baht their way.


Perky Thai Tits