The time again to write a monger pic of the day post. I am being honest and saying don’t much feel like writing. Not because I am hungover, just tired and want to chill the hell out.

Buddha Day

So today is a Buddha day, what we call religious holidays in Thailand. That means no alcohol and technically no whores. This is where most of the tourists start to shit themselves because they can’t get drunk and do panic barfines.

What guys don’t realize is that you can find booze if you are desperate and there are plenty of “massage” shops offering services. So there really is no reason to panic.┬áMost of the bars will open at Midnight anyways. So its just a matter of getting out a bit later.

The more experienced guys already have their contacts lined up and ready to go. Me? I’m just going to enjoy a quiet day of relaxing bliss.

What To Do

I explained there are lots of “massage” shops open. That means going down Soi Honey or Soi Chiayapoon and walking along until you find something you like. It’s really not difficult. You just won’t be able to have a beer with your selection before going to straight to the massage area to get your freak on.

There will also be a ton of freelancers online and along Beach Rd. It’s easy to find a girl if you can’t go a day without getting your weenie wet.

If you want to drink, you can easily find a bar selling something. Look for the cups instead of bottles on the bar. Also, the beach is an epic place to find some beer. Technically not allowed to sell beer on the beach anymore but then again, prostitution is illegal over here.

So there is lots to do if you can’t go a day without getting booze in your body and your dick wet.

Monger Pic of the Day

None of the above relates to the monger pic of the day. I just happened to have the image and went I’m going with it because I can’t be fucked to do anything else. If I tried to relate I would say, you can find this on the places above. Just do some searching.


Naked Thai Teen