Time for a monger pic of the day. As I write this I am trying to get my ass out the door for a Ban Chang trip. Will be a different as it’s just me and another guy.

Love Stockings

Strangely I miss stockings on a girl when you bang them. In Thailand, even if they are wearing them when you barfine them they change out of their “uniform” and go into street clothes.

I know guys that bring over outfits for the girls to wear in the room. I can’t be bothered that much to have clothes for the girl to wear to make her sexy. Even when I was just coming as a tourist, the whole tossing lingerie in my luggage just for a session.

My theory was if she had them great. If she didn’t I still did the deed.

Ban Chang Talk

With me going to Ban Chang it’s going I am looking forward to some filthy fun. For me, its like a breath of fresh air from Pattaya and the sameness of it all. Don’t get me wrong, Pattaya is fucking great, it just gets repetitive so for a quick break, Ban Chang is the answer to it all.

I love going there because no one knows me beyond the girls. So it’s just a bit of rest and relaxation and I don’t have to worry about some guy who I know walking in and wanting to chat with me. I can focus on the perverted and enjoy my time and do what I want.

It’s just so much more fun when you know a lady drinks means titties out and within minutes your cock is out and getting sucked. Life is good!

Monger Pic of the Day

Would I say this girl looks like a Ban Chang girl? Well, yes. They come in all shapes and sizes just like Pattaya. What separates them from Pattaya is the level of disgusting, perverted fun they will engage in. Me? I can’t fucking wait to get there. Maybe I’ll run into this one. Who knows?!


sexy thai girl in black stockings