There are a great many things about living in Pattaya that I love. The best being I can sleep till whenever the hell I want. Today, wasn’t one of those as I had to go to Bangkok. So I’m phoning in the monger pic of the day.

7 AM Comes Early

I’ll be honest, I sleep whenever I want here. It’s brilliant and it’s a major reason I love living here. I can crash out whenever and get up whenever. It’s the most brilliant thing ever.

Today I had to get up at 7 AM and drive to Bangkok and pickup Pattaya Bound as he’s back in Thailand for the next 9 months or so. The problem is I normally don’t go to bed till 3 or 4 AM on a good day and god knows I have seen the sun rise more than I care to admit.

So getting up at 7 AM while trying to force myself to sleep was a total pain in the ass.

No Road Deaths

It should also be noted this is the first time I drove a car on the right hand side. Being American I always drove on the left hand side. So I was a wee bit nervous about driving a car into Pattaya, parking it, then leaving out to go to Bangkok the next day.

Happy to report it’s not a big deal. The biggest issue is the fucking wipers and signal controls are reversed. So I was indicating lane changes a lot with my wiper blades. Considering Thais use indicators as a warning I’m coming regardless if you are there or not no one seemed to notice.

The best moment was when I had to get the car through security at BKK airport. I didn’t know how to open the hatchback. Guy was used to dealing with idiots. He’s like put it in park. Oh! Sweet! He literally opened the back figured I was too stupid to be a terrorist and waved me through.

Monger Pic of the Day

I really don’t know fuckall about the monger pic of the day other than they are a sweet pair of tits. I am writing this after taking a nap and I saw a lot more white women at the airport than I ever wanted to. Most of them disgusting.

I also hold a new, and special place in my heart for the Rotary Club International. If you see a pissed off looking dude in their photos that would be me. Why? Fuck them and their sign that they smashed me in the head with more times than I care to count. I wasn’t moving because I was in the designated waiting area. They had to have a fucking photo for every idiot that got off the plane. So fuck them! May their meeting suck and a sign fall and smash them all in the head. Fuckers.

Oh yeah. Look at the tits or something.


sexy tits selfie