I have been in a few gogo’s lately so why not make that the theme for the monger pic of the day. Plus I’ll drop a few survival tips.

I Hit Them Late

Generally I’m a late night gogo guy. I got better things to do then look at bored chrome pole dancers staring into space. Instead I look at bored Soi 6 girls stare into space. Far more entertaining. Not really.

What does make me laugh is that guys rush their asses to gogos thinking they need to get there early before all the good ones are gone. This is the biggest fallacy out there.

Even at 2 AM there are stunners around. Some are just drink sluts who don’t go with guys and others are just unlucky and didn’t get picked or just not interested at that moment.

I don’t care what time you go in, there is someone to stick your weenie in.

Drink Strategy

I drink San Miguel Light beer. Not the biggest secret in the world. In a gogo that shit is expensive. In fact, most drinks are. Minimum is 140 Baht for a drink. That’s anywhere from 50-70 Baht more than a Soi 6 bar or a beer bar. So it’s not cheap to get your drink on.

So walk in and order a draft beer. Who gives a shit if you drink it or not. You are there to look at naked titties and grab a fondle and a feel. Spend your money wisely and be a cheap cunt and buy draft. Trust me, after awhile you won’t notice how shitty it tastes if you do drink it. If you don’t you aren’t wasting that much money. Oh, if you think water water is cheaper wrong bucko – around 75 Baht for the 7 Baht bottle at 7-11. Draft beer is cheaper.

The best thing about draft beer is if you walk in order your drink and look at the talent and go fuck this. Big deal. You are out 55-65 Baht maximum.

I was with 2 guys last night and they were ordering their usual mixed drinks. They were floored when I ordered draft. I told them the above. Next gogo and the few after that draft beer was ordered. Hell, we didn’t even finish them at times. Just moved on.

Remember, you are there for titties and fondles. Not to drink yourself stupid at outrageous prices.

Monger Pic of the Day

Go find yourself a gogo princess. Watch them stare into space. Hell, get well and truly hammered at cheaper bars then go in and pick a stunner and pound her for awhile since you likely won’t be able to nut. They really like that (not).

Just listen to someone who has been around the gogo block a few times. Don’t believe the bullshit on some forum written by holiday makers here for their 2 week millionaire tour. Take from a guy who lives here who learned it from a guy who lives here.