It is well documented by now I live in Pattaya, Thailand. While I have tried my hand at the African hookers what I haven’t tried is the Russian or Ukrainian hookers that ply their trade here in Pattaya. Which is why we are going with a Russian for the monger pic of the day.

They Are Hot

Let me clarify something now. I love Asian women. They are tiny and generally adorable and have no qualms about doing filthy stuff provided you have money. They are great that way.

For the record – HOLY SHIT THE RUSSIANS ARE SMOKING HOT! Seriously it’s hard not to stare when Sergi is walking down the soi with his woman. Sergi looks like some sort of retard and he’s got this hot ass Russian girl with him.

The best part about all of this is they tend not to wear bras. I have seen more Russian titty for free than any mortal man should have a right to. Those things are just out there on display and I want to just run up and give them a lick.

The problem is Sergi might have an issue with that.

Russian Hookers

There are Russian hookers in Pattaya for inquiring minds. For those of you that have been here I know they are stupid expensive. It’s why my cheap ass hasn’t banged one. I’m not dropping 5000 Baht for a short time when I can get 5 girls for the same price.

What I don’t get is why guys feel the need to bitch out a monger who comes here and wants to bang a Russian hooker. Yes, we all know it’s Thailand. Who gives a shit who and what you fuck. It’s all money in the end and if it isn’t yours shut up.

If a guy says where can I get a Russian hooker I point them in the right direction and say have at it sir. His money and time. To be honest, a bit jealous that I am not partaking.

Monger Pic of the Day

Without further ado I bring to you the Russian monger pic of the day. I wish she was in the 1000 Baht range because I would be all over that in a second. So from Russia with love you degenerates.


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