Weird when I was back in the States I had issues writing some of this stuff. Now that I live in Pattaya, Thailand it seems I have a story for almost everything and a plethora of experiences to write about.

Gogo Gadget Dick

Not going to name the gogo where this happened. It’s best not to mention things to get the place in trouble. If you are a frequent Pattaya visitor you can make some guesses.

Was out with a group of guys and we were jumping around enjoying the “tourist” experience. Girls can spot us a mile away because of the way we dress and act is a give away we live here.

So we finally get to the gogo portion or our tourist experience. Next thing we know our dicks are out and getting jerked off. So we of course being gentlemen agree to buy lady drinks. It seemed only fair since they were happily giving us a wank.

We tried to get BJs but were rebuffed and the hour was late. The others went to another soi to get naughty massages and I went back to room to crash.

Wait There Is More

Few nights later I found myself alone wandering the mean sois of Pattaya and figured why not pop back in. Maybe without the group dynamic I might get a BJ.

So went in and I was instantly recognized. They asked me where my friends were and I told them busy with other ladies so I was alone. It was suddenly a shark feeding frenzy.

I had girls all over me yanking my cock out of my shorts. It was to the point it hurt so I fucked some of them off to focus on the completely naked one which I quickly bought a drink for.

She jumped on my lap and started to grind her pussy on my dick. I could tell she was wet or just learned to pre-lube it so she could get finger banged easier. Didn’t care either way felt great. So I suggested she put it in and give me a bit of a thrill beyond just a handjob or lapdance.

The enterprising business woman that she is quickly said 500 Baht. The non-cheap part of my brain said oh hell yes we are paying that. Then she said buy drink for mama so no problem. Fine an extra 150 Baht isn’t going to kill me.

Once money was exchanged and drink was purchased it was slipped in and she started to ride me.

Not going to lie and say I busted a nut in her because that’s a lie. If I wasn’t a degenerate I’m sure it would have been possible but she gave me a good 5 minute ride in the middle of a gogo bareback. I wasn’t going to complain. It’s times like this that make the story more interesting.

Monger Pic of the Day

It just goes to show you that you can have fun in a place like Pattaya. Guys have been put off by the stories they are hearing and how things have changed and so on. I can tell you that yes, Pattaya has changed. Some of it for the good and some of it for the bad. You can still have a lot of filthy, degenerate fun if you just put a bit of effort into it and not be a complete cheap ass. This is coming from a guy living on a budget over here.

So come over. Maybe find a girl that looks like the monger pic of the day and you too can get a wank and a fuck in a Pattaya gogo.