Hello from Atlanta! Arrived in yesterday and checked in to my pimp pad here near the airport. The fine hotel recommended by strippers and prostitutes! Which will fit the theme for the monger pic of the day.

What’s That Smell

It’s funny when I was reading the reviews for this hotel one of the complaints was it smells like weed. Gotta say when I walked in the front doors it absolutely smelled like weed. Makes me want to find the sources.

The humorous part in all this is that they make you sign a no smoking clause when you check-in. Supposedly this is a smoke free environment and its $200 if they have to clean.

My guess is they haven’t collected that $200 in some time.


Since this hotel was recommended by strippers and prostitutes pretty sure the lady who checked in before me was “working”.

My whoredar is finely tuned and I can usually spot a working girl even in civilian clothing. Girl in front of me all but screamed hooker.

Honestly, if she fell into the $100 for a quicky price range and I can find her I’d be all over it.

Monger Pic of the Day

I am selecting this nice bit of sisterhood for the monger pic of the day. Can’t say the girl checking in before me looked like this one She was a bit bit lighter. Either way, I’d hit it.