This monger pic of the day represents a milestone in my life. It will be the last one from Mama Spanky’s house. Come Monday I head to Atlanta for a few days.

Recommended By Prostitutes

Reached out to some friends for a place to stay in Atlanta. Got some good places but one within the retiree budget (and free Hotels.Com night) was recommended by a monger friend. He said all the prostitutes he knows work out of there. It’s clean and safe.

Maybe I can get me a quick BJ before the flight. Would be a nice thing before traveling for 20+ hours.

Big Daddy

There are tentative plans in place to meet up with Big Daddy when I arrive in the ATL (airport code). Not sure what we are doing yet and if his schedule will work or not but it’s in the tentative stages of planning.

I haven’t seen Big Daddy in a few years due to his retirement from mongering. It is not my story to tell on what happened and where he’s at but he’s happy. Miss him as a wingman but we all change. Some of us are meant to be filthy degenerates our entire lives and others of us aren’t.

He has said to keep an eye out for a place in Thailand for him. Never know what is going to happen.

Monger Pic of the Day

I haven’t been to Atlanta for about 10 years. The last time I was there I was in a black stripbar getting blown in the VIP. Wasn’t cheap but I was horny. It was also the first time I saw a bullet wound scar on a stripper. Not the last. Then again, you always remember your first.

With this monger pic of the day I pay homage to those strippers and whatever bar I was in. Won’t be doing the same on this trip but I always have the memories.