Happy 4th of July here in America! The day we supposedly celebrate throwing off the yoke of tyranny to our English overlords or some shit like that. I’d bore you with history but who gives a shit. It’s now all about the big sales for retailers!


The land of the free! Home of the brave! Xenophobic but open! Your privacy rights trampled for national security. God bless it all!

I could go on but I think most of you get my point and I try and stay clear of politics for the most part. With my move to Thailand at least I’m moving to a Military Junta with suppressed democracy but at least it’s stable.

The unelected prime minister likes to make sappy love songs and poems. Not take to Twitter trying to prove the Internet is wrong.

Alcohol And Explosives

The greatest tradition we hold here in America on the 4th of July is the over eager who like to mix their explosive fireworks with a lot of alcohol.

It is without fail that come July 5th there will be at least a few news stories of some dumbass that managed to blow off a body part with fireworks. The story will always have the little snippet where the unfortunate might have been intoxicated while enjoying the traditional fireworks.

The more intellectual of us Americans view this as the thinning of the herd. Getting rid of the less intelligent so the species can procreate with the strongest genes. Least in theory.

Monger Pic Of The Day

In hour of the 4th of July I’m going with a patriotic monger pic of the day. Plus, we got the big tits and what appears to be a glass dildo ready to provide it’s own set of fireworks.

If you are American enjoy your holiday. May your limbs still be with you. If not, American figure some of us won’t be around come the 5th!


4th of july sexy