This monger pic of the day is Chinese (I think). It’s also a confession of a desperate monger.

A Plan Comes Together

It’s no secret I have been living with Mama Spanky. I have been working around the house most days and until recently I haven’t had any time to myself.

It just so happened that I had a follow up dental appointment and I needed to get the Monger Travels Mobile cleaned for sale. This left me with some free time and the only thing I can think of is Asian Massage Parlor.

Quick look on Craigslist didn’t find me any near me. Checked on Backpage and boom! I found one a mile down the road! Put it into Google Maps and away I went.

I Am Weak

It should be said that I am weak. I went into the the facility and and an attractive woman greeted me. Asked me how long and I responded an hour and paid her $70.

She led me to a room and told me to undress and then get on the table. She returned a bit time later and the massage started. Have to give her some props that the massage was decent.

During the massage there was some ball tickling and that let me know extras were on the menu. I gave her the universal ass shake letting her know I was very much interested.

Time for a flip and it was on. No preamble and she grabbed Little Spanky (not in size). She asked for a tip and I just went $60 and she smiled.

I grabbed a titty and 3 minutes later. It was over.

I am weak. There was desperation in the air. I didn’t care. I was so happy to have some relief.

Monger Pic of the Day

Let me be the first to admit the lady didn’t look like the monger pic of the day she wasn’t some Chinese granny. She was late 30’s with a nice body. So it wasn’t like I had to close my eyes and pretend it wasn’t someone as old as my Mom jerking me off.

In the end I was happy I went. My balls feel a lot better.


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