Continuing the tribute to white trash. I had to make a run to a store through the “interesting” part of the town and I swore I saw a stripper/street walker standing at the bus stop.

White Trash Heaven

Honestly, Fort Myers continues to amaze me. Just driving through certain parts of this town remind me of DC back in the day when there was a whore on every block.

I can’t tell if these women I see are selling their ass or not. Still, sophistication isn’t something you can expect from the locals. If I had the time I really do think I could eventually get me a white trash harem.

Treat’em Nice

My belief is that this women are used to the local guys who don’t give a shit beyond the NASCAR race, NFL, and getting drunk.

Talking to these women and showing some interest in them as a person has proven the key. I don’t believe these women are used to a guy talking to them beyond get me a beer and something to eat.

Monger Pic of the Day

Go forth and enjoy this morning pic of the day. If you like the white trash come on down to Fort Myers, they are here in the multitudes.


white trash tits