Here in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida there isn’t what you call a variety of women available. In fact, I would call it white trash world down here. So it’s in their honor I am making a white trash girl the monger pic of the day.

Lack of Diversity

It’s interesting down here in Fort Myers. I am used to a very metropolitan and ethnically diverse area of DC. There, you can walk down the street and hear 5 or 6 languages spoken. Lots of ethnic variety on display.

Here in Fort Myers, you get white trash and English with a distinct accent. The most exotic language I hear I spoken is Spanish in a hushed tone. So it’s a totally different world then what I  am used.

White Trash

With the lack of diversity I have taken notice of the white trash ladies on display. It’s funny, in DC I would get shot down in flames. Here I pull out my bullshit game I use on hookers I get a smile and some flirting back.

The odds of me getting some action are slim. It’s not like I can roll for pussy while living with my Mom. Not like I can bring them back to my Mom’s place and do the mattress mambo. Plus, trying to explain to your mother that you are getting laid at the local trailer park goes of equally as well.

Monger Pic of the Day

Without further ado here is the white trash girl as the monger pic of the day. If I do get a quicky I’ll let you know. Not like I am keeping photographic evidence of it but hell, be nice to drain the balls.