It may have been mentioned before that I am moving to Thailand. In particular I am moving to Pattaya. The reason? The monger pic of the day below!

Give Me Debauchery

There is something to be said about some good, debauched fun with a bunch of your friends. You get a group of willing girls and a good time can be had by all.

When you have mongered as much as I have you no longer look for a beautiful woman to bang. It’s about pushing the envelope. Two girl blowjob? How about a 5 girl blowjob? Maybe the spontaneous orgy. Whatever you can think of.

I don’t care who you are. There is something amazing about a bar full of naked women. It’s even more fun when they are just randomly making out with each other. Even better when you are getting blow or banging

Call Me Daddy

There is something perverse about a girl calling you Daddy. In Latin America you get the Ayi Papi. Thailand it’s generally Papa as a term of endearment. Daddy is just a bit more perverse.

When you are called Daddy by a slutty girl it’s a bit more of a turnon. There is a crossing of some boundary and it’s now become more degenerate than it was before.

Sex is all mental. The physical aspect is great but if your brain isn’t into it odds are you dick won’t be either.

Monger Pic of the Day

Without further rambling let me present the monger pic of the day. You know where she wants your load Daddy. Now just make it happy.


Put Your Load In My Mouth Daddy