This is a slight departure from my normal Thai obsession. Today’s monger pic of the day is Korean! Least I think so!

Korean Buffet

There was a time in the distant past when the local Asian Massage Parlors (AMPs) were frequented by yours truly. In fact, there were a few where I was well known and got the royal treatment. This was a time before I got a ticket to Amsterdam and ruined my life but it still one I have fond memories of.

Where I live most of the AMPs were staffed by Koreans. I learned this just talking to them and honestly, the smell of kimchi on their breath. I got used to that after a bit. So I became very familiar with the various Koreans at my local AMPs.

I ran the gamut of the women Korea had on offer. From the young hottie to the milf. I hit them all at one point or another. Enjoy my Korean buffet.

Asian Obsession

If I had to say what started me down the road of my Asian obsession it was the Korean women I cut my mongering teeth on. They were usually small and petite when you got the hot ones. It was the body type I have always preferred.

While I have done more Latina’s than most men dream of I still will take an Asian over a Latina. There is just something about them them that draws me. Doesn’t matter what part of Asia they are from. I am going to pick them every time.

It’s an intangible quality about them. Guess that’s why I am moving to Thailand.

Monger Pic of the Day

Enough blathering about Korean women and the monger pic of the day. I can tell you I am flying Korean Airlines and they air waitresses are hot. Maybe since I’m in full on first class one would be kind and blow me. Doubt it will happen but a man can dream.


Sexy Korean Babe