I am totally admitting to being lazy and just randomly pulling some white girl with a spectacular set of tits. Who doesn’t like tits? So it’s the monger pic of the day.

It’s Shit

With a quick review of the calendar I am more or less nearing the 5 weeks out point when I have to vacate current Monger Travels HQ. This means consolidating my life down to 3 30kilo bags and 2 carry-on items.

I have been busy donating shit, selling shit, trashing shit, and cleaning shit. It’s all shit because I don’t want it or need it. When things aren’t yours it’s shit. I have zero attachment to 99% of it so it’s shit.

Life In Bags

It’s interesting to see you life being planned to fit into a bunch of bags. You really discover you have a bunch of useless shit laying around that you just never use.

I downsized once before when I sold my condo. When I moved into the current Monger Travels HQ I was very scaled back. Still, you discover stuff that you are like what the hell am I doing with this shit?

It is a cathartic process to unburden yourself. You find that you just don’t care because the important stuff is in those bags. Those bags mean freedom and the possibility of collecting new shit!

Monger Pic of the Day

I believe I started that I was being lazy and pulling some spectacular tits for the monger pic of the day. I’m being lazy because I’m obviously busy working on getting my life into bags.

I know that soon I’ll be able to walk into a bar in Pattaya and find equally as spectacular tits. Which means getting rid of shit and putting your life into bags is really just about tits at the end of the day.


Sexy Tits Selfie