I believe when I wrote about what I will miss from home I said Tijuana. What I will really miss is a hot Mexican cutie! Guess that’s why I am going with one as a monger pic of the day.


I have said this before. Doubt I will be saying it again. Do yourself a favor and go to Tijuana. It really is worth a trip if you have a few days to travel and are in the US or Canada.

Recently a gentleman of my acquaintance was debating on flying to Thailand for a 5 day trip. It would take him 28 hours to fly there. My suggestions was go to Tijuana. Sure, its not Pattaya but you can get your freak on and have an amazingly good time.

Just as much as Pattaya isn’t really Thailand. Tijuana really isn’t Mexico. It’s a whole other world when you hit the Zona Norte and the clubs. You can be as filthy and as nasty as you want provided you the money to pay for the experience.

Tijuana is a wonderland of carnal delights. Just most of you won’t bother to go because it’s just “too scary” for you.

Mexican Cutie

Mexican women come in all shapes, sizes, and colors you could imagine. I have seen full on indigenous native look to supermodels you could fuck if they were interested in your money.

When it comes to the clubs there is something for everyone. If you venture into street girl land you get even more variety. There are always women around ready to take your money if you are willing to trade it for some sexy time action.

The whole notion that Mexican women in Tijuana are nothing but skanks and coked out meth users is a myth. I have fucked some true stunners there. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to find them in the super clubs. If you are a bargain shopper your needs are met there too.

Just go and try it just once.

Monger Pic of the Day

The monger pic of the day is some famous Latina named Layla Rose. She looks Mexican to me and in my book looking Mexican is being Mexican!

Run a Google search on her. I’ll even be nice and link to a video for you pervs.

I’ll miss these beauties once I get bored with the little brown fucking machines of Thailand.