The bathroom selfie. Province of women worldwide. There isn’t a culture on this planet that has a woman with a cell phone with a camera that she hasn’t taken a picture of herself in a bathroom. Not that this was the reason for the monger pic of the day.

Something Matches

If you have scrolled down to the monger pic of the day then you are ahead. If you haven’t go and do so. Figure out what matches on the girl?


You win a prize if you figured it out. If you didn’t then you fail. Maybe even at life. There bellybutton piercing matches those nipples perfectly. They are both a lovely shade of pink.

It’s too bad we don’t see the rest of her to see if the pussy matches as well.

Speaking Of Piecings

Mongers are torn on tattoos. No idea why some of you hate them and some of you like them. Considering I am sporting more than a few tattoos I am firmly in the like club provided they are done well.

What I do find ironic is that mongers aren’t so torn on piercings. You don’t hear guys bitching about bellybutton piercings. Tongue piercings are viewed as a positive by most. Even the occasional eyebrow or lip piercing is now acceptable.

What makes a piercing better than a tattoo? Is it the less permanent aspect of them? They still scar so there is always a reminder of the piercing no matter what.

Monger Pic of the Day

I could write some more about the girl and her piercings. Then again, I have asked you to look at the image already. I just wish those firm little pink titties were in front of me right now. They aren’t and instead I’m writing about the monger pic of the day.

Guess I need to go out and find me some.


Perfect Pink Nipples