White girl alert for the monger pic of the day. I must point out something. For a group of guys that travel to international destination to bang non-white girls, my traffic and comments sure the hell pickup when I pick a white girl as monger pic of the day.

Real Camera

I know some of you are thinking, what model Nikon is that? Thanks for asking! I believe it’s a Nikon D3100 but I could be wrong. It’s not a D100 because the body is wrong. I hope I cleared that up.

As a photographer and now videographer I appreciate a real camera people! Sorry, but I hate phones for pictures. I understand that they are convenient because you always have one with you. Doesn’t mean they are good at taking photos.

If I had a $1 for every monger report with photos shot on a cell phone that were blurred, grainy, too dark, blown out, or whatever else. I would be a rich man. Buy a small point and shoot and chuck it in your pockets. Your trip report will thank you!

Practice Makes Perfect

Let’s take my camera snobbery out of the equation for the moment. I won’t rail on cell phones as photography devices. What I am going to rail on is shit photos.

If you are taking the time to take the picture. Take that extra 3 seconds to make sure you got something that’s viewable. You can always retake it if it looks like shit. In fact, I rather insist you do.

Taking a decent photo isn’t science. Well, it is but I am digressing. What I am saying is that for a monger report and holiday snaps take some time to capture a decent photo. Practice taking them with your cell phone or other photographic device. Take the time to look at them on your computer. What looks good on a cell phone may be shit on a larger screen.

If you are taking the time to take the picture it’s worth something to you. So try and make it worth keeping.

Monger Pic of the Day

With photography talk over let’s move on to the naked babe. It’s obvious the Nikon camera made her the monger pic of the day. I appreciate that as I indicated.

It also helps that she has some spectacular looking tits. Those new strawberry colored nipples are amazing looking. I could happily lick them for a bit before getting bored and moving on.

She took the time to use a camera. Now maybe you should too for similar results.


Naked Nikon Shooter