Survived a week of white women and business travel. With my return to Monger Travels HQ my Asian obsession returns. It may explain the monger pic of the day.

Is It July

For those of you not paying attention I leave for Thailand in July. I still have to work till June 1st then I’m free.¬†After that its time with family then off to Thailand!

It seems that the closer I get the further the date seems. Time is just moving slow right now and I’m desperate to get there. I could move up my date but it’s just not practical. So my desire to be balls deep in some sweet Thai girl is going to have to wait.

I just pity that girl when I land in country. Can’t be one of my regulars. May kill her.

Watch And Learn

People could not fathom why I was moving to the other side of the world. The nearest I could say was that it was my happy place. Sure the girls and beer are great fun but damn I love Thailand.

The everyday stupid makes sense to me there. It’s the place where I really came into my own as a monger and not just paying for sex. I started to understand fully what was going on around me. How the parts worked and the dynamics played out. If you like people watching go to Pattaya and sit in a busy bar with a view of the street. Just watch.

You will learn so much just by paying attention. The things you will pick up by watching facial expressions, body language, and overhearing snippets of conversation.

Want to be a better monger? Stop worrying about sticking your dick into the next thing that attracts you. Sit back and watch instead. You will start to absorb things.

Monger Pic of the Day

For most guys Thailand is still going to be the pretty girls and beer. It has its allure. Which is why this sweet Thai lady is the monger pic of the day.

It doesn’t hurt her that she has an amazing set of fun bags. The evil smile helps as well.¬†Makes me weak in the knees and twitchy in my groin.

Is it July yet?


Big Tits Thai Lady