It seems that white girls are easy so why not Chinese girls? I went to Google which is the Oracle of the modern age. Turns out they are. So it’s with the Chinese theme I go with the monger pic of the day.

Chinese Anyone?

Never been to China. Not sure if I have been with a Chinese woman to be honest. Been with women of Chinese descent in Thailand but that is all I got.

You never hear much about China as a major mongering spot. We do have some reports from our monger in training blr2usa. He isn’t has had much luck in the full service department.

I know a lot of guys do business over there so I would be interested. It should be pointed out that when I speak of China I don’t mean Hong Kong or Macau. Talking mainland China action.

Language Barrier

Having watched and read enough shit about China I know a bit about it. There are some hot ass women in the country. The language barrier would be a bitch I think.

While English is spoken in a lot of places,  world power nations tend not to value the use of English as much. They are their own dominant culture so why bother to learn someone else’s language?

Having never studied either of the Chinese dialects, Mandarin or Cantonese I can’t begin to fathom it. I did use hello and thank you on a hot ass stewardess on a Korean Air flight once.

Sadly my language skills did not impress her other than a weak smile that said move it along loser. You ain’t getting into my panties flying economy.

Monger Pic of the Day

With all that out of the way I think if the opportunity came to go monger in China I’d be all over it. Why not? The girls are hot.

If you get a chance to go some place and fuck at the same time do it. Maybe your tour guide will look like the monger pic of the day.


Naked Chinese Hottie