It seems my monger video of the day wasn’t a hit. I guess it was the cold medicine talking and not me thinking rationally. To make up for it I return with a more standard monger pic of the day.

Ready To Receive You

There is always something about a woman laying on a bed with her legs up in the area getting read to receive you. The standard missionary type post that can lead to many other positions.

Personally I am not a missionary man. Too much damn work. Plus you are all leaning into her face and shit and if you aren’t making out it’s just too fucking hot in the body heat sense. No one wants sweat dripping on them.

Now you get her on the edge of the bed and you are standing up and the height is perfect. Hell yes! Good times.

Great Looking Down

When a girl is on her back and you are standing above her you do get a great view of her looking down. Surveying your domain so to speak.

There is nothing more erotic than a one lying below you in a passive position. Doesn’t mean she is passive at all. Just means she’s ready to go and waiting to receive you.

Monger Pic Of The Day

Without me rambling anymore I might as well get to the monger pic of the day. She’s spread and naked and ready to take a pounding.