Asian time again! I think the previous monger pic of the day was my passive aggressive response to krico texting me. He clearly did not read the opus I had written on the forums concerning Thailand. So no Asian for him!

What To Do In Angeles City

I know krico is going to Angeles City in the Philippines. There was also an inquiry by some reader on my Facebook about doing 5 or 6 weeks in the Philippines. So what to do?

There isn’t fuck-all to do in Angeles City during the day. You can lay around your hotel’s pool with your previous nights barfine who will most likely want to do this. You can wander out to the Perimeter Bars and hit the B team girls.

That’s basically it. There isn’t anything else.

Wait! I lied. You can go to the mall.

So Why Go

I do get asked why go to Angeles City? If you are a guy who doesn’t drink and doesn’t mind a chill day with gearing up for the evening ahead it’s perfect.

The Pinay’s are really fun and friendly and do provide the elusive GFE that many guys crave. It’s designed for a guy that likes girls that speak English and the GFE fantasy.

Angeles City doesn’t work for me because I don’t care about the GFE and I don’t give a shit if they speak English or not. I do recognize that I’m not everyone so each to their own.

Pool Time

So here is the monger pic of the day. You can see a Pinay in her favorite habitat a pool at some mongers hotel.

I do have a story about Pattaya Bound fucking some Trike Patrol porn girl in the pool at the Pacific Breeze. While unpleasant to see Pattaya Bound’s pale ass Canadian flesh cavorting around the pool with a naked Pinay porn it provided a diversion.

How the above relates to the picture I have no idea but it filled space.


Naughty Filipina Nude