With krico going to South East Asia for his virgin trip I have been pushing the Thai’s and Pinay’s as the monger pic of the day material. Then I saw this beauty and went fuck that. There was no way I am passing up a body like this even for my love of Asians.


I have written about it before and I’ll write about it again. Variety is the reason to monger. Why do the same damn thing over and over if you can have choice?

Mongering is a buffet. Take a little of this and a little of that. It lets you sample from the wider world.

I know from my own personal experience I have fucked more women from different ethnicities than most men dream of. So give me variety.

You Always Have A Favorite

We all have our favorite food. The comfort food that we love to eat that we just can’t say no to. For me it’s Thai. For others it’s a Latina.

When we are out sampling the buffet we know in our hearts we always go to our favorite. Who doesn’t? I’m dying to get back to Thailand.

So while I could select a Thai girl every monger pic of the day I recognize others have their favorites as well.

Shutup and Show Some Tits

Holy shit! Look at this girls body and tell me you would not fuck it? If you say no you are gay. Nothing wrong with that, but at least be honest.

Her tits are flawless and the pierced nipples says normal on the street but freak in the sheets. Playing with girls that have piercings in their nipples or pussy is a lot of fun.

So enjoy this monger pic of the day.


Naked Teen Selfie