Now that I actually sleep again, well mostly, I went to bed at 4 because I was watching TV but the point is, I have a life. It’s monger pic of the day time again.


It’s not often I say there is perfection. This monger pic of the day is perfection. In years of mongering, there have been few girls that I have ever called perfection body wise. Mentally they are all fucked up but aren’t most of us.

So when you come across a perfect body you take it and grab on to it and bang. Who cares if she’s into you or not. Perfection is to be enjoyed like a work of art. Enjoy it when you find it.

Imperfect World

One of the things with mongering is most of the girls have some sort of physical flaw somewhere along the line. I have photographed enough working girls now to kill an army. In the most beautiful has something that I need to photoshop out. This monger pic of the day is no different, trust me.

Too many guys go with this attitude that they are paying for it and only want the best. You wanted the best? Sorry, genetics didn’t make it. Get used to it. Settle for what you like and go with that instead of trying to find some unicorn that doesn’t exist.

You may be thinking I just contradicted myself from the first part of this. I did, she’s photoshopped to absolute perfection. Even the most perfect girls I have ever been with had something wrong with them. I just ignored it and went with it. The mind is a magical thing and you can use it trick yourself into seeing whatever you like.

Monger Pic of the Day

I conclude with one of the most perfect monger pic of the days I have seen in a long time. Girl is hot. I’d gladly kill most of you to bang her. So enjoy this bit of perfection.


perfect body