For once, I am scheduling a post! This mainly has to do with me getting a day of and knocking this shit out so I have some time for myself. So it’s monger pic of the day time!

Perfect Tits

Look, I am a tit man from way back (I was breastfed!). I like tits, size isn’t important to me, I just like them. They are fun to play with. Running a bar and have access to another bar, I see lots of tits. My new favorite game to play is why are your tits touching me inappropriately.

Women know how to use their tits and I get rubbed on by more tits than most men. It’s the burden I bare by living here and running a bar.

Tough life I know.

Speaking Of Tits

One of the things I have discovered in my exhaustive research of tits is that women use padded bras way too much. It’s like false advertising. This is a problem in beer bars, not gogos who make them wear skimpy things.

While I do appreciate tits of all sizes, what I don’t appreciate is false advertising. I now just go how many centimeters of padding. There are ways to tell, you can generally push in on the bra, and there is a shit load of give. I generally will just ask them to pull the tit out in exchange for a drink. It works wonders and generally I get to see the merchandise.

It’s better than getting back to the room and going oh, what the hell happened to your tits.

Monger Pic Of The Day

WIth tits being the topic, this is a perfect pair for the monger pic of the day. So go forth and enjoy them. I know I did when I saw them.