The butterfly tattoo. It’s funny that Thai girls love to call farangs butterfly but you will see so many of them with the butterfly tattoo. Which is why this is the monger pic of the day.

Butterfly Man

For those of you that have never been to Thailand, the term butterfly man means you flit around like a butterfly. Moving from one flower to the next, tasting the nectar, never staying at one flower too long.

Which is true for a lot of mongers. The Thai bargirl mentality is that you farang aren’t spending your money exclusively on me and therefore I am resentful of that fact. It doesn’t matter how many customers she may do a day. To her mind, you are the one with the problem because she is losing income because you put your weenie into someone other than her.

Hence, butterfly man.

Butterfly Tattoo

Funny thing is so many Thai girls have the butterfly tattoo on their body somewhere. If you are smart, and observant you will get the symbolism behind it. The double meaning is that they too are butterflies. Going from one man to the next. Trust me, if you see a Thai girl with a butterfly tattoo and she says she has never worked bar feel free to tell her she’s a liar.

Never seen a butterfly tattoo on a non-bargirl in my life. I have known non-bargirl Thais with tattoos and not a one of them ever had the butterfly put on them. Seen lots of other shit, but never the butterfly.

So it’s a two edged saying. It goes both ways, just most bargirls think farangs are stupid and walking ATMs and won’t pick up on the obvious.

Monger Pic of the Day

You can see the butterfly tattoo on her chest. It’s shit and complete crap but its there. I also want to point something else out with the monger pic of the day. This is a typical Thai girl. With some stretch marks, banged up legs from bike accidents, and basically normal looking. Could I have photoshopped it all away? Of course. Fuck knows I do it enough with the portraits I take. I just wanted to keep the image real.

Too many guys come with this expectation these girls are perfect just like in the porn they jerk off to at home. Reality is far different. So just keep that in mind. From gogo bars down to the meanest bj bar with girls past their prime, none are flawless.


Naked Thai Teen with Butterfly Tattoo