There are times when even doing the monger pic of the day is a struggle. Other times it’s painless and quick. Today the monger gods smiled upon me and showed me the way.

White Girls Rule

Not really but you guys seem to like it when I slip in the random white girl for the monger pic of the day. So why not do it more frequently than I normally do.

Reality in mongering circles is that white girls get shit on.

Mongers love to say that girls from other countries are better performers. They don’t have to deal with the shit that some Westernized girl back home is going to give them.

That statement isn’t fair at all. Most mongers seems to forget that they girls they pay to fuck are there solely for the money. While there are cultural differences if you talk to most guys who are married around the world the complaints are the same.

So Why A White Girl

Holy shit! Look at the body then talk to me.

I personally no longer have hangups about fucking any woman from any nation. The key to not giving a fuck where they come from is that I truly don’t give a shit what they think of me.

If I am paying to fuck them then their opinion goes out the window. If they are civilian I’m up front that I’m not in it for a relationship. I’m here to fuck and nothing more. Regardless of how good they think their pussy is I know its a pussy.

Pussy is pussy. Be it from the monger side or the civilian side. There is always another pussy out there.

Picture And Less Pontification

SEO is fucking important people and I gotta make the goddamn system like what I am doing. So I fill spaces with useless words.

Go forth and look at the monger pic of the day. Then respond appropriately that you will never fuck a white woman again.


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