With the novella-esq post yesterday I figured why not do a MILF for the monger pic of the day? If I made it a Latina that is just icing on the cake!

Older Women Make Beautiful Lovers

There are double extra bonus points if you get the reference above. I know I didn’t make it up. I’m that creative.

It goes without saying that older women do make better sex partners. Why? Older women are more assured of themselves.

Think about it in this context. When you first started out sexually you were a fumbling mess. As you gained experience you got better.

Women are no different.

So Only Do MILFS

Variety is always the spice of life. When I’m paying I will target an older provider because my odds of getting what I want go up.

That said, I have had some early 20 girls rock my world. I still remember a 1/4 Thai girl in Costa Rica that absolutely rocked my world. She fucked me. Went and got a drink of water and fucked me again.

So do what you want. Hell, if you are paying for it fuck the spectrum.

Picture Please

This Latina MILF is nice as fuck to look at. Nice rack on her and the curvy body that she knows how to use.

So enjoy this monger pic of the day. Hell, go find one that looks like her and go fuck her.


Latina Milf