It seems only appropriate to have a Latina for the monger pic of the day since I am writing this from Mexico.

Latina Power

I have documented more than once my love of Asian women. They are always first for me when in comes to what I am attracted to.

With a Latina you get something different. They tend to be more forward in their sexuality than an Asian.

Not that Asians are lacking for slutty and dirty. Just a Latina lets it all hang out there and can be rather fun when you want to go for raunchy, filthy sex.

Speaking Of Sex

Sex with a Latina is 90% of the time going to be about passion. Doesn’t matter if it’s fake porn star experience or girlfriend experience. They will rock your world.

While in Tijuana my dick has been run through the ringer by these sexy Latinas. Didn’t matter if it was a blowjob, handjob, or just straight out sex. My sessions have been about pleasing me and I can’t say I can complain.

The Pic

I know. Shutup and post the picture. You have rambled enough.

So without further ado here is the monger pic of the day.


PS – I’m still in TJ so I got one more day to jizz bomb some girls.

Sexy Naked Mexican