I will change up the monger pic of the day in honor of the Mexican’s I fucked last week and will be fucking again tomorrow. Sure, they aren’t Thai women but they do the service required of them!

Mexican Women

There are a lot of of hot women running around Tijuana period. When you go into the big clubs there are a lot of the available for fucking provided you pay the price. It’s completely up to you and how you want to roll.

The body types run the complete gamut of women. Price point too. Just depends on what you want and how you want them.


It is well documented I prefer Thai women. Still I can go and bang a Latina all day long. Sure I may not bang as many as them as a Thai girl but I do it.

Too many guys get hung up on their preference. Just go with the flow and stick your dick into something. The entire concept of looking for that special one isn’t possible. Find one that does it for you and do the deed.

My regular in Tijuana ain’t no prize but she gets the spooge out of the dick with 100% certantiy and that is all that matters.

Show It

Without further ado here is the monger pic of the day. She has the girl next door Latina look. Sweet, wholesome, and totally fuckable.

Yes, you can find them in Tijuana. I highly recommend a trip.