It’s Thanksgiving in America, and well here in Pattaya too. For the first time in like 10 years I am doing a Thanksgiving dinner. So going to celebrate that with the monger pic of the day.


Thanksgiving is an American holiday where the overly religious cunts known as the Pilgrims settled in America and the Natives helped them survive the winter by feeding their dumbasses instead of letting them starve.

Why would I suggest starvation? Their entire religious idea of moral superiority came from these very same Pilgrims who were tossed out of England and the Netherlands for being overly religious zealots. That says a lot about you. Part of America’s problem is we strive for their ideals. Anything fun is basically bad.

Feasting And Fucking

In Pattaya, I believe things are going to be a wee bit different. Instead of being stuck with a bunch of family members you really don’t like and want to deal with I’m going to be surrounded by degenerates getting my feast on then maybe a quick fuck after.

One never knows, maybe the food bloat will go away with a bj and a quick fuck. Least thats my hope. Then I have a bday party to attend. Will be a spectacular day. I also have a bar to run but that may get pushed back a bit.

Monger Pic of the Day

So here is to the natives that saved the retards. I doubt they looked this good and I doubt this girl is native but one works with what they got. So enjoy the monger pic of the day.