I humbly return with a monger pic of the day since the last one was postponed due to my intestinal track staging a rebellion against the rest of my body.

Beautiful Body

I have always that I don’t care about the nationality of a girl. Some guys get so hung up on a girls race that they leave so many others off the table.

I live in a country full of sexy brown women. If I told you I had 8 of them buying me drinks last night most of you would call bullshit. It is true but believe what you will or not. I love my little Thai friends when they show up.

That doesn’t mean I don’t look at the hot ass Russian, African, Middle East, European, and Indian women that walk past the bar. It’s a fun time to perv. If they are hot, I’m going to take a look. If the girls catch me I just own up to it.

Why stop looking at other types of women? Just because I am surrounded by beautiful Thai’s doesn’t mean I don’t like other women.

Love Them All

Thing is I love them all. If I could stick my weenie into all the hot girls that walked past the bar I’d be a happy man. I’d be a really happy and well fucked man.

I’m not going to stop fucking other women exclusively to Asians. Thats just stupid. If a hot Russian came in and said Spanky I want your cock I’d be all over it. Why wouldn’t I?

I tell guys that rave about Thai women that its just stupid to exclude other types of women. I’m like if you think your sweet little barfine is like that all the time and is really different from what you got at home I have bad news for you. She’s acting that way because you are paying. Deal with them on my level and you find out they are just as batshit crazy as any other woman.

Monger Pic of the Day

So here is to a beautiful white girl, with some seriously perfect tits and a nicely trimmed landing strip. If there is a guy out there reading this site and saying they would not do that you are clearly gay. If you are, I support you in your lifestyle choice. Just be honest with yourself.