Finished up my final big project and now cruising towards my last week of work. So it was with joy I received this in a message as a monger pic of the day!

Dark Chocolate

I guess my last monger pic of the day struck a chord with krico who sent me the image for today. When I opened my message and saw the image I was like we have a winner and I have to do nothing.

Say what you want but that glistening body reminds me of fresh dark chocolate. It helps that she has the giant phallic shaped candy going into her mouth that reminds you she could be sweet as well.

Ebony And Ivory

There is something alluring about a contrast. If you are a white dude banging a hot black chick like that it’s sexy as fuck. If you don’t think so then you haven’t done. The same can be said for a black dude dong a white girl.

One of the interesting things about skin color is too much of the world is trying to look white. All the white people are trying to look tan. When I see a beautiful dark skinned Thai girl slathered with baby powder and buying whitening cream I want to choke her.

Enjoy the color of your skin. Revel in the sexiness.

Monger Pic of the Day

Enjoy this monger pic of the day. She’s fucking dark chocolate and hot as hell. It is July 13th yet so I can be in Thailand? Maybe a nice African hooker is on the menu first. Then again, I’m likely lying.