What is this? A white woman gracing these pages as a monger pic of the day? When the tits are this good you gotta go with it.

White Girls

I am an equal opportunity monger. Why leave anything on the table when you can fuck them all? Remember Body Count “if you have a pussy we will fuck you”, there is wisdom there.

A lot mongers get hung-up on white girls because it reminds them of home. Why? It’s not like you can’t say no when they quote you some outrageous price or make unrealistic demands on you.

The Tits

The thing is I’m willing to overlook a lot of things for a spectacular pair of tits like that. It’s not like I’m forming a life bond with the woman. I’m just going to play then them, fuck her, and blow a load somewhere in/on her body.

I don’t need love or a reaffirming commitment to me to do this. I’m a monger. Not husband material.

Show The Tittys

With no further ado I present you the magnifient set of tits as the monger pic of the day. Go forth and fap in peace.