It’s time I shift gears and get into a Latina swing of things around here. I am going to Tijuana (TJ) next month and the following month so I might as well train myself to get off my Asian obsession with the monger pic of the day.

Hong Kong In Tijuana

The Hong Kong Club in TJ is the #1 destination for most gringos and the easiest to cherry pick images for so I am sticking with it! It’s every stripclub you ever been to on steroids and you can fuck most women in there. What isn’t to like?

What Not To Like

Most guys never venture out of Hong Kong because compared to American stripclubs it’s heaven on earth. Hot women you can grope and fondle for $1. Get a hardon take her upstairs and fuck her for less than $100. It’s brilliant!

Not really. Once you become a bit educated on La Zona which is the Red Light District in TJ you realize it’s a ripoff. The drinks for ladies are $9. The maseros (waiters) are assholes about hustling drinks to you. Like picking up your beer and checking it. If you have a girl the minute she’s 75% done he’s asking if you need another. It gets fucking old real quick. I won’t even go into counting your change.

What To Like

There are some redeeming qualities provided you can ignore maseros and aren’t looking to fuck.

The shaving cream show that is now full lesbian show with dildo and power tools. That’s right! Power tools! You will never look at a sawzall the same again once you see one girl use it on another.

Plus it’s fun to walk out of there with your face covered in shaving cream after eating a girl out on stage. All for the princely sum of $1!

It’s at a lot of fun provided you know the hustle.

The Ladies

Women in Hong Kong run from tiny spinners to pleasantly plump? Phat ass? Fuck if I know. They go from tiny to big. There is a girl for your tastes no matter what they are. This monger pic of the day is a sample. Take it for what its worth and go forth and have fun.