I know I promised a tale but I am mildly jetlagged after my flight back in from Thailand. So I figured I might as well give a teaser of what is to come. It’s slightly out of order for a monger pic of the day but it will set the story up nicely.

Sexy Schoolgirl Night

Noddy contacted me when he wasn’t bitching about getting a blowjob at 5 AM to let me know it was sexy schoolgirl night at the Butterfly. Like I was going to really go anywhere else at night? Most nights I was found in there. I can think of 2 that I wasn’t in the 20 days I was there but still, I appreciated the heads up. Plus, sexy schoolgirls, can’t go wrong with that right?

Just A Hint

The monger pic of the day is just a teaser. Trust me, the story that follows will involve copious amounts of nudity both male and female. Public blowjobs. Things hit the absurd when the bar was full of naked women running around, music blasting and money flowing. I ended up with a 11,000 Baht bin. I wasn’t the only one. It was a rather epic night.

Pic Please

I would give you these two’s name but honestly I forget. The rumor on the soi is that they are into each other and not in the you need to pay for it way. I can say I saw them naked and if you were inclined go ahead and give them a spin.