I return to my Asian fetish. It’s been too long in Latina land and I need my Asian fix again! A man needs his monger pic of the day to be a sexy ass Asian for a change of pace.

I know a lot of you like your Latina’s but give me an Asian any day of the week. We all have our preferences but since I am picking up the tab on the hosting I get to have some say in the selection so why not go for a big titted Asian.

Yes, big titted Asian’s exists. I remember tapping more than a few. My first was a sex Cambodian girl out of a gogo on Walking St in Pattaya. The one I remember the most was a half-Thai/half-Singapore girl working in a beer bar on Second Rd. Girl wasn’t a stunner but she was fun. Remember getting back to the room in my more hardcore drinking days. She wanted to get laid bad and I was like I just want to sleep. She kept fucking me and I’m like really please stop if you don’t I’m going to put it in your ass. She just laughed. I was like no, really I’m putting it in your ass. Bitch pre-empted me and just rubbed some pussy juice on her ass and stuck it in there. Seeing how I was already there I just pumped it until I dumped the load in her. Such is the way in Pattaya.

How all this relates to the monger pic of the day I have no idea. She’s clearly Japanese and I’m just filling space. So have at it.