Hell yes! Keeping up with the Thai ladies for the monger pic of the day material. Why? Because I can! Plus I miss them so and their quirky little habits.

Big Tits

This is always my favorite excuse for guys who have never been to Thailand. All Thai girls have no tits and ass. So I present evidence to the contrary with the monger pic of the day.

The reality is Thai’s come in all shape and sizes. Sure there aren’t a lot of “thick” women running around in Thailand but I can tell you where to find them and to be honest, some of the beer bars are hiring anything with a pulse so fat, old, along with ladyboy are all available for the “discerning” gentleman.

I know Thailand veterans know that this image is just a sample of the women available in Thailand.

Show The Porn

I always do but I like to tell a story to make it more interesting than showing some naked woman on this site. It makes for better reading! Plus it gives you an idea what is going on in my rather fucked up head.

So enjoy the monger pic of the day you degenerates!