Greetings from Fort Myers, Florida! Thats right I am with Mama Spanky this week. Been here since Sunday to be honest. Still had time to keep things updated here since I only have one parental unit these days. So I can keep the site updated and do a monger pic of the day. Excited? Sure you are.

I figured since I am in Fort Myers, Florida which is full of redneck women and who some I would gladly do. Granted I never really been bar trawling here since I was always with a parental unit and staggering in drunk after a night out or heading to the conquests house is not something I rather explain so I just keep my baser instincts in check.

So in honor of Fort Myers I present this monger pic of the day. She’s naked in a kitchen. Sure I could have used some more redneck looking women but to be honest, since I publish this in the morning I don’t want any of you throwing up your breakfast. Now if Saint Paco was still with us I would have had some larger woman with a Confederate Flag holding guns while completely naked just to mess with him.

So enjoy this tribute to the United States South and its culture with this monger pic of the day!