Now that I am over my Tijuana mongering and we haven’t had an Asian for the monger pic of the day I figured why not return to my favorite area of the world? This also happened to coincide with me having a craving for Pho and my local shop has a hot one working there. So Vietnamese cutie seemed a perfect choice for the monger pic of the day material.

I have admittedly never been to Vietnam. I would like to go but as a non-monger. I have heard less than stellar things about the mongering scene over there. It’s expensive for foreigners who want to partake as the government keeps close tabs on it. I have heard that prices start from $100 and can go up. A lot of places use the girls to lure you in to sell alcohol and keep prices high to avoid cheap mongers from pulling them out. Can’t sell alcohol without cute women in the bars to draw the suckers customers in. I heard the locals have a much greater variety and it’s much cheaper for them. I can neither confirm nor deny these things. I just have heard it from people I have met in my travels and what I have read online.

Still, that’s why we have the monger pic of the day. Maybe one of you cheap degenerates will wander over one of these days and provide a first hand account. Until then look at the picture and dream.