I need to start off for apologizing for yesterday’s I forgot post. With all the other online stuff I do anymore it was one of those brain fart moments. When I realized it I was already out and away from my computer. So I’ll make up with it by the monger pic of the day.

They Aren’t All Stunners

Let’s just say in my retirement I have come to know how bars work more intimately than any of you could know. Maybe, I take photos of the girls. Here is the thing, what you see is usually the superstars. The other 80% of the staff are just average looking.

This is the bulk of what Pattaya offers. Funny thing is, there is a girl for every guy. I watched a chubby cleaner and fat barmaid get absolutely abused by some guy in his 70’s these girls were 30-40 like they were all 18 year old kids. Some things may not been unseen but the guy as having the time of his life and hell, the girls were eating up the attention.

That is the funny thing about Pattaya, guys see the stunners but most aren’t. They are just average looking and if they weren’t getting paid they would not be here.

Not All Stunners Are Bitches

Funny, thing I have come to understand is that not all the stunners are stuck up bitches. Some are fun and personable provided you get to know them a bit. I have that luxury because it’s what of my retirement status. I can sit and have a laugh with them and joke about things.

Mongers are intimidated by hot girls. I see it a lot. Here is the thing, don’t be. Just treat them like every other girl. Some will respond in bitch mode but I give you odds of about 70% most will be pleasant and you will have a good time.

Don’t be afraid of rocking up to a stunner and do your normal routine. If she doesn’t like it more on to the next victim.

Monger Pic of the Day

I present to you the average Thai bar girl. Love her or hate her but this makes up about 80% of what Thailand has to offer. I have come to love them in their own quirky ways. The end result is the same and who cares what someone else thinks. Your money and your life. Have at it.


PS – Ban Chang report tomorrow I promise you. Might be a bit late because I do have stuff to do tonight and its going to be a long one but it will be an epic report.

Sexy Normal Soi 6 Girl