There is a part of me that thinks I have written that I am going to Thailand in 13 days but not 100% sure. If that part of me that thinks I did then it explains the monger pic of the day! Which is from Thailand!

Face Down – Ass up

The classic doggy style pose. Face down and ass up. Nothing says fun like that when her face is in the pillow and you are just slamming away. You just hear her gutteral moans or the muffled finished question. Either way it’s damn near perfect.

Is That Real Gold

I know most of you aren’t paying attention to any other ring besides her anal one. Still, I feel the need to education you degenerate bastards if you are new to Thailand or never have been.

Yes, the rings are real 24 carat gold (yes they are soft as shit). Thai’s show wealth by having gold jewelry. Be it rings which are the cheapest, to bracelets and necklaces. To confuse the shit out of you gold is weighed in baht the same as the currency. However, they are not the same in value. Usually a 1 baht gold necklace is 21,600┬áBaht in value or around $635.

Why do Thai’s do this? Easy. It’s a quick way to easy cash as it holds value and you can resell it to a gold shop at nearly what you paid for it. It’s basically the Thai savings plan and emergency loan source all in one.

So The Porn

I always get to the porn. I think sometimes you need an education beyond naked woman now go forth and jerkoff. Now that I have gotten it out of the way go and enjoy the monger pic of the day.