Got ass? I mean the usual stripper ass and the monger pic of the day. Having been in Tijuana for the last few days I have seen this about a thousand times now. I think I have become numb to a Latina ass in my face at this point. The interesting thing is that this trip has forced me to re-evaluate the Latina body. I will fully admit to being attracted to Asians. I just prefer their body types. They are smaller than Latinas for the most part and are just more petite. Not being an ass man, I have come to appreciate the Latina ass while in TJ. Some are overly tortilla fed but most are just thicker then an Asian. Where the Latinas win out over Asians is their tits. Again, some have the spinner body but most usually have a nice rack on them and are fun to play with. Hell, even the silicone stuff is a lot of fun to just motorboat on.

The point is, each country has different women and I can’t judge them based on my desire to like Asians more. The Latina is a piece of work if you look at them in a subjective manner and enjoy them for what they are. So enjoy the stripper monger pic of the day.


Monger Pic of the Day