Going to start a series of posts on monger etiquette. The social rules on how to behave when you are out mongering. Some of these rules I have broke and learned the hardway. There are other rules you just learn as you. The first monger etiquette topic is going to be drinking.

I Remember My First Drink

Mongering and drinking seem to go hand-in-hand. I know some mongers that don’t drink and others that have a cocktail and call it done. Then there are guys like me that can consume vast quantities of alcohol.

Some mongers seem to forget that they can drink whenever they want. Instead they start to pound drinks like they are a teenager who managed to get a bottle of liquor or a case of beer. It’s then a sprint to see how fast they can consume the drink in front of them.

Remember you can always order another. It’s not a race to see who can drink the fastest because it’s cool. Act like you have consumed an alcoholic beverage before.

Act Like You Been Here Before

Personally I don’t care how drunk you get. You are the one going to have the hangover tomorrow not me. What I do want you to do is act like you been in a bar before.

You can get as pissed drunk as you want. No one is going to stop you. Just don’t act like a teenager sneaking into the bar. You are an adult. Act like one for fucksakes.

Mongering allows a lot of latitude when it comes to behaviour. If you are having a good time and not being obnoxious no one really cares. People generally like being around others enjoying themselves.

The problem is when you take your enjoyment to the next level. The obnoxious level where you start to just annoy people. No one wants your overly friendly drunk ass talking to them or pontificating uselessly. If you are of the angry or morose drunk type and you know it then sit quietly in a corner. If you can’t deal with human contact spoken or physical then stay in your room and drink alone.

It’s a bar. People engage each other. Sometimes you just want to drink and think. Other times let it hang out a bit and enjoy yourself. Just remember there are other people around you. Respect them by remembering they are there and it’s not about you.

Drunken Asshole

We have all had our “moments” when drinking. It happens and it’s part of the learning curve. You take those life lessons and try and learn from them. Most people are forgiving of drunks because most of us have had similar moments.

With that said. Drinking doesn’t give you the right to turn into a drunken asshole. The guy that keeps pushing buttons. Doing the outrageous things that piss people off. Yes, you are drunk. It doesn’t mean you aren’t aware of what you are doing.

Your judgement may wane a bit but there is that small part of you that says maybe this isn’t a good idea. Listen to that small part of your brain. Don’t sit there and keep doing the same stupid shit that pisses everyone, mostly your friends off.

If you are drunk recognize it. Please don’t use it as an excuse. Unless it’s your first time I doubt you don’t know you are going from buzzed to drunken. If you want to ride the drunken wave then do so like a professional. Otherwise switch to water and get some food. No one likes a drunken asshole.

Monger Etiquette

I hope this little monger etiquette on drinking will help you next time you find yourself intoxicated in a monger establishment. No one wants to be a buzzkill. More so no one likes dealing with a drunk that is out of control.

Drink as much as little as you want. Just do so in a fashion that doesn’t turn the good time into a shit time because you can’t handle your alcohol.