Ladies of Mombasa

There has always been rumors of Mombasa in the circles I have traveled in so I figured I might as well share what limited knowledge I have of the place.  It’s supposed to be the hot new place to get your freak on with the dark and lovely ladies of Africa.  If you like the Domincana’s, Haitians, and Black Latinas then Mombasa may be heaven on earth for you because they are all dark and lovely there.  Hell, bring your wife, girlfriend, and significant other because they can get their freak on there as well with the boys available for service to the ladies.  Since I haven’t been there I just pulled the best parts of the research I have done so you don’t have to figure out if you want to dead to this new mongering frontier.

Since I’m being lazy I’ll take the good parts out so you can figure out if its your type of scene or not!

Go-go bars and clubs frequented by sex workers form a patchwork of poverty along the road that is highly trafficked by European sun-seekers. According to my Kenyan friends, they’re seeking more than sun. When I inquired about the phenomenon, everyone told me that tightened restrictions in Thailand and elsewhere in Asia had pushed the trade to Mombasa, where dozens of weekly flights from Europe fuel its existence.

I would like to the entire article but it mostly focuses on child prostitution which I’m sure happens but I also don’t believe the crusader knows all other than what he has been told by others.  I also disagree with restrictions in Thailand for mongering/adventure travel.  I guess he hasn’t been to Pattaya yet.

So lets look at a Trip Advisor where the internet research challenged bitch and moan when they check into a monger hotel.  Here is a lovely review of The Beach Tree Hotel.

“Full of working girls,”
Reviewed 14 October 2011
This place would have been great but since its not private, the working girls are all about.Two girls kept staring at my husband and making him uncomfortable, and then we had lots of beacj boys telling me to help them get money from my husband and when i told them off, they called me all sorts of names…it was just packed with the wrong people..would never go there again…you feel so unsafe to even go to the toilet incase the girls or the beach boys will mugg you…eyes on you all the time, cant even swallow a drink without eyes on you.

I’m not seeing a problem here at all. I know guys who would stay there based on that review alone. Me being one of them!

For those of you hung like porn stars you may want to avoid going to Mombasa after you read this article.

“I have been in this business for more than ten years but I have never encountered what I saw inside that room. That man is too ‘big’ for life!” she said amid gasps of air.

Finally I’ll close it out with a link to Major Grubert who has some pictures of the talent that is available in Mombasa.  If you are inclined you could buy his guide to Mombasa or join his forum.  You can also just jump to the International Sex Guide as well.  Whatever floats your boat.

So there you go.  For the monger/adventure traveler looking to break from the norm and hit traditionally uncharted waters now is your chance!  Mombasa is waiting for you!