There was an old hermit named Dave
That kept a dead whore in his cave
He had to admit
It stunk up like shit
But look at the money he saved

Many years ago that was a favorite among bawdy pubs, sailors, lumberjacks etc.
I have been thinking that we need more up to date Poetry. I am pretty sure that keeping a dead whore in your cave is now illegal and the modern thought police would probably have you submitted for psychological testing if you were to receipt it in public.

The following is my attempt at updating the bawdy poetry once loved and recited around the world

There was a Monger named Lloyd
That got himself a Latina Android
Nary a lick
And he came awfully quick
Afterwards she actually seemed annoyed.

The monger was very frenetic
Uncrating his new Asian synthetic
He tried out his pole
In every hole
But the way she fucked was pathetic

A Big Mama named Dot
Got herself a new sex robot
She was riding hard on top
Then heard a sickening pop
She had exceeded the max by allot

A high roller named Cass
Got a beautiful droid with class
It seemed a no brainer
But never could train her
To put her fingers in his ass

There was a Pattaya Monger named Trent
That always had a terrible sent
He told mama he wanted no trouble
But the girl still wanted double
So off to Soi 6 he went